Friday, January 24, 2014

we've been a little busy.

this week has been crazy. it has honestly flown and i feel like we haven't stopped for a second. right now, in this moment, i am finally having the time (and energy) to write out a blog post. we really love being busy. not to the point of exhaustion where we fall asleep on the couch in clothes and make-up until 1:30 AM, but we really like being busy.

here's a breakdown of our week:

monday/MLK day

shopping with my parents and sister
more shopping
make dinner (with guests: kayla and judd)
more work


cleaning to-do list 
run errands
have cereal for breakfast
james = school
me = work meeting


more cleaning to-do list
get ready
SLC w/chels & ellie
trader joe's
wanship to see whit & livi (also, chels was getting her hair cut)
home at 6
james = homework
me = yw's
brooklyn = does a very good job of entertaining herself
me = fall asleep on the couch at 10


wake up, no internet = no work
brooklyn = tub, dressed, teeth brushed
vacuum house
get myself showered and dressed
run an errand
go to chels' house + internet = work
make dinner
clean it up
james = homework/school
me + brooklyn = exhausted


on the docket for today is an overnight-er in coalville 
north summit high's production of les miserables to support the youngest
hopefully not a super late night


we'll see...

maybe a nap.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g

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