Monday, January 27, 2014

sunday funday.

this weekend, we did a little traveling, a lot of lounging, a little eating out, and totally enjoyed spending time with family. friday night, we drove to coalville to see north summit's production of les miserables and it was awesome. i was so impressed with every aspect of the show. loved it. cried four times. i should maybe stay away from that show period until i'm not pregnant anymore. but it is my all time fave!

also, i got NO pictures of haley in her costumes, nothing. i hope she got a lot, as this was her last and final musical. so pass them along hay!

saturday morning we were treated to some homemade pancakes straight out of aunt barb's cookbook and they were delicious. my mom always spoils us with breakfast when we stay over. we left pretty quickly after that so that james could get home to work on a group project for school. while he was gone, brooklyn and i played and read books, she napped and i worked, and then we straightened up the house together all before james got home. loooong day for him. we're so proud of him!

that night, we got chinese take-out for dinner and then spent the evening with j & c & of course, elles bells. chelsea and i got caught up on our shows and the boys did whatever they do down in the man cave.

sunday morning came nice and early and it brought a nice huge cold for brooklyn. that meant, brooklyn didn't get to go to nursery (which is always super sad for her). i taught yw's and then we all met back at home for pizza sandwiches for lunch. fancy sunday dinner i know. but they were delicious.

then, we took a big family nap. glorious. 

then we watched a movie for one of james' school assignments. brooklyn stayed busy coloring. 

then it was the grammy's, another visit from the other ruesches, and lots of relaxing. the perfect end to a weekend in my opinion.

this week we are looking forward to finding out baby's gender. hopefully baby cooperates and the snow stays away so that family can make it down for a big gender reveal. we're so excited! sometimes i can't sleep at night just wondering and dreaming all about it. i really don't have a feeling one way or the other with this one. with brooklyn, i was 100% she was a boy. so...even if i had a guess, i'd probably be totally wrong.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 
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