Tuesday, January 28, 2014

maid rite monday...

because that's exactly what we had for dinner, along with a green salad on the side. i had to throw some veggies in their somewhere.

besides making dinner, laundry was top priority. not to mention, it was bedding-washing day as well. one of my favorites. clean sheets. nothing. better. than. that. brooklyn and i also made an emergency target run due to a spider incident and my trusty camelbak water bottle. my purple has been replaced with pink and all is well in the world again. i will spare you the spine chilling details of that story. uughghg!

brooklyn was content to be ornery most of the day, color, find all sorts of places to put her crayons, and also to giggle a little when i forced her to smile. it was one of those days. after we were up for ten minutes, i wanted to go back to bed and start all over again. luckily, we did survive our monday.

almost by the skin of our teeth we survived, but we did it. i have to give some credit to my pals reeses pieces and cheetos. don't judge. we also had granola, apples, tomatoes, and that salad for dinner. but i needed those naughty treats today. in a bad way.

tuesday will be a cleaning day of sorts. since we'll be hosting company for the gender reveal, cream gables needs a little bit of a face lift. carpets vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, ya know, that kind of stuff. i've really been trying to keep myself busy because heaven knows as soon as i stop, i'm counting down the hours to our ultrasound appointment and desperately asking brooklyn, "what the heck kind of baby is in mommy's tummy?!" and i think she's getting pretty tired of it. she tells me both genders so i've gotten nowhere with asking her. she does, however, name things using the girl name that i love the most. i've told her the boy names too, but she's a girl for crying out loud, and the girl name is just more fun to use. i really still can't make a guess. but i definitely will on wednesday before the gender is 'revealed'. i have to or it just wouldn't be fun.

 h a p p y  gender reveal  e v e  to us!

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