Monday, January 20, 2014


our weekend was like most others... friday night was spent relaxing at home. we don't mind it one bit. it especially feels good after a crazy busy week. james had his first week of classes and we now know that we can definitely survive this. james and i watched some episodes of the office (we're watching it all over again, why not?), we ate cereal for dinner, and brooklyn was pleased as punch to play around us. 

saturday morning, same thing... james got up super early to go get his basketball on, brooklyn and i slept in, and then we all go up and going. i cut james' much needed long hair, we got some things done around the house, and then we ran errands. 

that night, we were reunited with our hawaii-going sidekicks. ellie's cheeks grew four sizes and i definitely kissed them enough for the two weeks they were gone. i can't get enough of that little chub! ooh. brooklyn was ecstatic to see her uncle jeremy, aunt chelsea, and of course baby ellie (how did i not get any pictures of her???).

sunday morning came early. a little too early. with brooklyn sleeping in her own bed, FOR OVER A WEEK NOW, she's struggling with waking up crying or just yelling out for her "mama". she and i were awake for about an hour at three in the am. so nine am church was rough for us today. but we made it through just fine. james made alfredo for dinner while i was at a young women's meeting, and bless his heart, after a garlic mis-hap, we had us some good pasta.

after dinner was N-A-P-S. oh my goodness. a glorious nap. almost a two hour-er. it felt good. i'm hoping and praying for brooklyn's sleep patterns to improve so that we can start off our week nice and rested. 

then, we watched frozen. finally. and i loved it. 

(she LOVES frozen. but who doesn't?)

we had a nice little bread pan of rice krispy treats.

and i can't even write anymore until i tell you how delicious this drink was. we had it with dinner and seriously, it was like summer in my mouth. coconut-lime. holla! really. i told james i felt like i had just literally drank sun tan lotion (in a good way). we'll be going back to stock up on that stuff for sure.

and here are just a couple pictures from around the house, with just a tad of valentine decor.

(i feel guilty saying this, but the other bowls can't hear. this one's my favorite right now.)

we are praying she sleeps this soundly all week...

please please please...

and a little baby bump update. still in the awkward stages folks, but i'm loving every second. baby is now big enough for me to feel all sorts of wiggles. i have missed it so much.

h a p p y  m o n d a y

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