Wednesday, January 8, 2014

here it comes...

you knew it was coming...

a post about resolutions. 

so bare with me. i just do so much better with goals and commitments if they're written down (typed down). my whole life, new year's resolutions have always had me excited. they've also had me nice and anxious. but i love them. i love making new goals, starting fresh, and being re-committed to things. 

and just like every blogger and everyone else on social media, i've come up with a word to live by. one that i will try and stick in brain, dig out when i need it, and also, i'm hoping it will help me be a better (nicer person). my word is simplicity. it has a nice ring to it. any word with -icity on the end of it sounds kinda pretty right? so that's it, simplicity. simplifying is going to be my main focus and it needs to be. adding another little body to cream gables will definitely be an adventure, and in order to keep up, i will need to remember that little four syllable word: simplicity. 

so without further ado, here are my resolutions/goals.

1. have a day planner to write things down, even if they don't seem important at the time. i kept a day planner from 4th grade until two years ago. i tried using my phone instead, but folks, i'm old school, and writing things down on paper is how i roll. i love it. i'm not ashamed to be old school. i am 28 now after all. lately, pregnancy brain has been hitting me hard, and i can't even remember simple things. keeping a day planner will hopefully help me remember. if i can remember to write things down that is.

2. menu plan. gosh i was good at this one for two years. i LOVE making menus and it helps me wrap my brain around grocery shopping and making dinner on a daily basis. i love it. i need to get back in the groove of it. if you've never tried it, do it. it will change your life.

3. give my husband and daughter more positive attention. this one gets tough for me. when i'm stressed, busy doing something else, or just trying to zone out, i definitely don't give those that i love my undivided/positive attention. there are some days where brooklyn just gets in trouble or told 'no'. that's not ok. or james gets home from work and i've had a rough/crazy day and all i wanna do is relax and be left alone. i need to show him some love and spend more quality time with him. even if we're just chatting before we fall asleep. 

and that's it folks. i have three resolutions because that's what i feel like i can handle. simplicity right? i feel good about them and am going to work my guts out to make sure they are my focus this year. i want to be the best wife/mother/melinda i can be. 

along with resolutions for the year, i have set a goal for myself:

to read the book of mormon in 40 days. yes, this goal will hopefully be finished by february (i started january 1st). after that, i imagine i'll set some other goals, but for now, this goal is going to get me through the first two months of the year.

what's that? you'd like to do this too?

here's the link. and you're welcome.  :)

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