Monday, January 6, 2014

embracing winter.

when we woke up saturday morning, nice and late, and by we i mean brooklyn and i... the sun was out in full force and it was looking to be a beautiful day. james had already been up to play basketball and even went and got us smoothies to drink in bed.

i decided right then and there that we needed a snow day. a sledding day to be more specific. james tried helping brooklyn sled at my parents' house over the holidays but there just wasn't enough snow. so...

we went out, got a sled, and headed to the park so that brooklyn could go sledding properly.

although she didn't show it in her face much, she had so much fun. after we were done she kept talking about how she 'went sledding' and 'it was so fun'. so we're definitely going to have to do it again.

because i'm still trying to 'take it easy', i enjoyed the sledding from my camp chair, eating grilled cheese crackers, and sipping on my water. i was a happy camper. watching brooklyn and james and go up and down that little hill just made my heart happy. the sun was on my face, i was warm, and i felt so so blessed. i love living in utah. state pride right here! being able to enjoy winter can be a little hard sometimes, but when i embrace it, i truly love it. i mean, saturday was absolutely beautiful! just one of those moments.

there were a few other kids sledding and brooklyn saw that they were sledding without their sleds so she had to try it. not as fun as with a sled.

after james got enough sledding runs out of her, brooklyn convinced him she needed to go swing. her very favorite thing. i think she got a kick out of swinging in all her snow gear.

pure joy in that little face.

once we were all packed up in the car and ready to call it a day, i looked back and saw this crazy haired, cutest face, little thing just kicking her snow boots and happy as heck. i always want to see her like this. crazy hair included.


i'm 15 weeks now.

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