Friday, December 20, 2013

out in the snow.

we embraced this crazy ice/snow storm by committing ourselves to stay inside and have nowhere to go. i'd say we were pretty productive. i finished wrapping every gift we had to wrap before Christmas. some light cleaning was done, and brooklyn stayed entertained by putting all her 'families' aka stuffed animals and dolls in our bed to 'take naps', dressing her dolls up in her dresses and hair clips, and undoing a lot of the light cleaning i did. 

but after dinner, we embraced the snow.

after 20 minutes of dressing her in her snow clothes (the first time this winter), we headed outside into the chilly air. she wasted no time, diving right into the snow and making a snow angel like she's been seeing on all the Christmas movies we've been watching.


it was beautiful outside. if i don't have to drive in the snow, then i really love it. i think it just makes it feel like Christmas and makes the views outside breath taking. 

we were happy with all the snow gear. even her hands stayed warm.

brooklyn also set out to build a whole village of snowmen in the front yard. she was quite serious about it and if she knocked one over, she started another one. 

i'm guessing we'll be out in the white fluffy stuff again today. 

anything for this smile. 

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