Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a house full.

first off, this girl is growing up way too fast lately.

her vocabulary and wit has grown ten times in just the last month. it's blowing my mind a little. i definitely don't feel like i'm staying at home with a toddler all day. sometimes, she can carry on a pretty good conversation. sometimes. i'm loving this stage right now.

last night, an impromptu get together happened at our house. they came in two's and with every arrival my heart swelled bigger and bigger. the night would have only been better had the four other members of the family we were missing, walked in the door. 

we visited, sipped on jamba juices, watched some elf, and visited some more. oh, and brooklyn was the entertainment. she was so happy to have so many visitors. 

having my home full of people i love is about my favorite thing in the world. it can't be topped. i love it. i love it.

the highlight of the night came when everyone came together to stretch our ikea blanket to it's max to give brooklyn the best human fort ever. she was in heaven.

it didn't last long, but i'm sure the next time we're all together, she might ask for us to make her another human fort. that ikea blanket was legit too. 

i had been counting down the days before we get to go spend Christmas up in coalville with my family, so it was really nice to get just a little teaser instead of having to wait all those days. the rest of the week is busy and full of celebrating so hopefully time will quickly pass. and even then, i don't want to wish these days away. as i type this, i can hear james reading brooklyn Christmas stories. my heart is so full and i can totally remember being in brooklyn's exact position and loving to hear those Christmas stories, and look at those Christmas pictures. i really am loving the holiday season, and i seriously seriously need to enjoy every second.

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