Monday, September 9, 2013

proud to be a brave...

a north summit brave that is. 

this weekend was the 100 year celebration/birthday of north summit high school. the festivities lasted all week long (also homecoming week). we were only able to attend the friday and saturday ones, but they were worth the short trip to coalville.

i'm proud to be a brave. i am glad that i can be proud of the high school i graduated from. the traditions their run deep and it was fun to be a part of them after being out of high school for a decade. holy. taking part in the traditions definitely brought back so many good high school memories. memories i will cherish forever. i loved high school. i don't think i could go back and do it again, but i definitely loved it.

first festivity: the homecoming parade

^ riding the alumni cheer float with two of my sisters and friends^

^haley on the homecoming royalty float^

next festivity: football game (they came out with a W)

saturday afternoon festivities: native american ledges presentation. so awesome. the history of our mascot.

100 year celebratory assembly: also the revealing of the new crest that hangs in the auditorium. i did NOT get a picture. i'm kicking myself. it's beautiful. 

after the assembly there was a party on the street. food vendors, live music, and most importantly, the best chicken sandwiches in the world. no lie. i couldn't wait to get my hands on one. i loved every bite. 

we had to head home after dinner to catch the byu game (that ended up being delayed 2 hours) so we missed the centennial ball. but i heard it was fun. the committee who put the whole celebration together did such a great job. their hard work paid off. the traditions at north summit will continue forever because of the pride in that small community. there are great people there and i'm so glad to have rubbed shoulders with them. 

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