Tuesday, September 10, 2013

monday monday.

monday was monday. woke up, started the laundry, breakfast, jog...yada yada yada. we ran errands, finished up the wash, and then i was exhausted. seriously. i didn't even finish folding my laundry for crying out loud. gah. gotta love when household tasks take two days. no, i'll just need to start the day motivated and just get it done. it will seriously take me a whole ten minutes i'm sure.

while we ran some errands, i could not help but by the halloween oreos. that orange frosting was calling to me. brooklyn insisted on eating two before she'd eat lunch. i didn't even try and win that battle. she, was pleased.

i watched the 'new' studio 5 at it's new time and i totally love it. just as much as before. the new time (1pm) works better for me anyway. by 11 (when it used to air), i like to be out the door getting stuff done. with that new season starting, it got me all giddy for fall tv coming up in the next few weeks. hallelujah. we don't watch tv in the summer so it really hasn't mattered, but there really is nothing on in the summer. fall tv couldn't come back soon enough.

dinner was maid-rites (sloppy bobs). i'm thinking seriously about making mondays from here on out: maid-rite mondays. they are so dang easy to make and they're delicious. even brooklyn will eat these. for real. i just love them.  

after dinner, we did some yard work, that then turned into a pool/hot tub party at our house. we love having fun neighbors. these three had a blast. especially because the water was warm. they loved it.

then, this happened.

yep. my husband threw a water balloon at me and i retaliated by turning the hose on him. not with warm water either. thanks darcy for documenting this.

we ended the swim party with, of course, some halloween oreos.

we said our 'good nights' and then watched all the geese fly across the sky. they're back. these were brooklyn's favorite thing last fall. it makes my heart so happy to hear them honking and flying in that V formation. welcome back geese!


tomorrow i'll be sharing my favorites for fall!

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