Friday, September 6, 2013

a baby shower.

chelsea's shower turned out just great. don't you love stressing about something that totally does NOT need to be stressed about? well that was this shower. i couldn't have done it without my MIL all the way over in hawaii. she helped even from all those thousands of miles away. we had the shower at james' grandma's house in salt lake and i'm so grateful to her for letting us use her house. it was just way more convenient for everyone invited. 

i didn't get a picture of the buffalo chicken dip i made. chelsea's fave. that stuff is addicting. so delicious and no picture to document it. that's what happens when i'm hosting. we've talked about this before right? well, i'm not getting any better. also not pictured are the rolls. dang it.

there was a great turn out and i loved being able to visit with everyone that i don't see often enough. that's the best thing about showers right? the chatting. oh and the food. 

chelsea was definitely showered with gifts and plenty of cute ones to boot. ellie has a better wardrobe than most. can't wait to see her in all of it!

chelsea's mom had a meeting in salt lake during the shower, but luckily was able to get away and come join us at the end.

i really can't wait for baby ellie to make me an aunt on the ruesch side. i'm so anxious to meet that little sweet pea. her mommy might be a little anxious too. only a few more weeks.

 love ya chels!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g  e v e r y o n e !

p.s. brooklyn had a night out with her daddy and uncles (jeremy and judd) during the shower. they went to hollywood connection and gamed it up. she came back exhausted and ready for bed. the best.

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