Thursday, September 5, 2013

our fourth day of september.

our day was full of errands and getting ready for chelsea's baby shower tonight. brooklyn was a trooper. we also folded laundry and got our camping stuff all put away. it felt like putting summer away. is that weird? 

kayla and judd came by for a little visit. we love having them so close. brooklyn gets all their attention. she had auntie googs read to her for awhile. then she danced to some records for us. oh that girl. she's full of it. free entertainment at our house. 

she loves her reading corner. that's usually where she is when i can't find her. i'll call her name and she won't answer me. i've learned. she's busy reading in her little corner.

my kitchen counter is bursting with produce, mostly from friends and family. i have big plans for sunday dinner. we'll be gone most of the weekend so it'll have to wait until then. (speaking of: if you're an ns alumni, you better be at homecoming and the 100 year celebration!)


here's brooklyn's halloween costume. not pictured is the reason i bought the dang costume, orange tights with black polka dots. so cute! i couldn't even handle it. so yes, we're ready and set for halloween night. trick-or-treating. i can hardly wait!

p.s. can you believe we've been living here at cream gables for a year and four days?! mind blowing.
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