Wednesday, September 4, 2013

my september goal.

i love setting goals. big goals. small goals. you name it, i like it. writing goals down is also a favorite of mine. it really helps keep me motivated and committed to reach my goals. so, i thought of this goal for september, and i thought, what better place to 'write it down' than here. it keeps me accountable and hopefully i'll update about it as the month continues.

so, here it is...

my goal for september.

i will not spend money on things i do not NEED.

besides groceries, bills, and things of that nature, everything else is off limits. i really really have a spending problem. seriously. i see something i want and i obsess over it until i have it. not ok. i really need to learn how to control this. i also love saving money. so what the heck?! this will be tough for me. no buying yummy candles, clothes, and all those little things i do not need. i can do this. any motivation you have for me would be great!

besides all that, cream gables is in full fall mode over here. chelsea and i did a fall craft last weekend and i absolutely loved how it turned out. we used rub n buff (i only could find it at hobby lobby) on little plastic pumpkins and they turned out so darn cute. i love them. just a little touch of fall in my entry way.

i made muffins for dinner and used my fall/argyle print cupcake wrappers. holy moly. it looked like fall in a muffin tin. and of course, i've been burning my pumpkin spice candle like crazy. although, i need to slow it down because if i use the whole darn thing before september's over, i will not have a replacement. pace yourself melinda. 

/doing a little leaf art/

/i couldn't help myself. wallet switch!/

we are happy and ready for fall. can ya tell? it just needs to cool down a little and i'll be a totally happy camper.

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y

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