Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st game + holmes family camping trip.

i have more pictures in this post than any other i've ever done... so, i'm going to keep the writing short and let the pictures speak for themselves.

saturday morning brought another huge cinnamon roll and the first byu game of the season. we had friends over to watch the game and there ended up being quite a spread of food to be eaten during the festivities. 

and thank goodness we had food to eat. the lightning delay during the game definitely would have been a little more boring. so we ate, watched the game until the third quarter, and then we hit the road. my family was already in wyoming, at the camping spot, and we were anxious to get there.

we rolled in at 9 that night. everything was set up. we ate, visited, and then went to bed.

the next morning, the air was crisp. it definitely felt more like a fall morning (i was so excited!). we had hot chocolate/cider, and james & i, and dev & kenz provided mountain man breakfast burritos for everyone to enjoy. they were good. no picture.

then the sun really came out and the girls all headed down the road to let the little girls cool off in a nice big puddle at the end of the road.

 the rest of the day was spent playing horse shoes, card games, visiting, and getting ready for our dutch oven sunday dinner.

best camping food right there.

/all 4 in-laws. i just love 'em./

my grandparents only live about ten miles from where we were camping, so we were lucky enough to have them join us for dinner.


the number 2 march. james luckily made it out alive after a huge herd of cows and cowboys ran right past him while he was...uh...well ya know. we're glad he's alive. funniest moment of the trip.

group shot.

several in our group had to head home that evening, so we decided we'd go wade in the creek before everyone left. it was THE coldest water i've ever felt. we're guessing it was around 48-50 degrees. it ended up being a little more than just wading in the water. everyone was mostly shocked that i decided to let dev hold me under the waterfall. it took my breath away. probably the last time i ever do that. YOLO (jk).

/kayla goin' in/  

/me goin' in/

you guys. it was FREE-zing!

we all dried off, said our goodbyes, and then headed back to camp. we changed into warm comfy clothes and spent the rest of the night around the fire. my favorite part of camping. i love it. we all stayed up as long as we could, but eventually gave into the sandman and jumped into our sleeping bags.

the next morning came early. muffins, cereal, and donuts for breakfast, and then time to clean up. we did it pretty quickly and were heading off the mountain by 11. 

/dev teaching brooklyn a rain dance/

it had been several years since i'd been camping. i really did enjoy it. i loved spending time with my family without the interruptions of the world. so nice! we got to talk and talk and talk and just enjoy being together. 

i couldn't wait to get into a shower though. 

until next time.

h a p p y  already  t u e s d a y 


h a p p y  s e p t e m b e r

p.s. more about MY GOAL for september, tomorrow.

p.p.s. i have my pumpkin spice candles burning and a pumpkin hanging on my front door. it feels so good!
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