Wednesday, August 14, 2013

so proud.

remember how it's wedding week? for my sister that is. well, it's in full swing and the rest of the week is going to be crazy busy. Last night was endowment night at the jordan river temple. so awesome to be there with my siblings (minus 1), parents, and grandparents. 

kayla was beautiful in white and i couldn't be more proud of her. i love her and the choices she's making in her life right now. she just glows. maybe that has something to do with her getting married in two days. two days. i can hardly believe it.

we can't wait to make judd an official part of our family. always and forever. that's a long time to be stuck with this weird crew. but i'm guessing my sister is worth it.

afterwards, we stuffed our faces at village inn. i swear nothing makes me more hungry than a session at the temple. why is that? i definitely had to put on my fat pants for the ride home. no joke. i did. food is wonderful and terrible all in the same breath. thank goodness my dress for the wedding is nice and loose. what a wise decision i made there.


congratulations again kayla. i love you with all my heart and soul and so so proud to be your big sister.


and one more of the happy couple.


and a HUGE thanks to my baby-est of sisters for watching brooklyn all night long so that james and i could be there for kayla's special day. brooklyn loved getting ice cream and watching movies with you. 
love you hay!

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