Friday, August 16, 2013


last night was 'the reception'. it was down in oakley so you can guess we got home nice and late last night. i'm definitely still recovering.


it was beautiful. the decor just screamed kayla. she was involved in every detail and it showed. the refreshments were soft pretzels and all the toppings and a blue drink that was seriously way good. 

it was fun to visit with family and friends. they had a great turn out with a lot of community support. 

but today is the BIG day. we'll all meet up again at the salt lake temple later this afternoon and then have dinner catered up at the u. it's going to be another exciting day.

/enjoy some pictures from the night/

(my favorite part - i loved seeing everyone's wedding pictures) 

/kayla is a gorgeous bride/

/the moms cutting up the cake to share with everyone/

^ and a happy birthday to that guy. we sure love having him in our family.


congratulations kayla and judd! the best part is still coming! see ya'll at the temple.


a happy 1 YEAR anniversary to my brother and his wife. i love you guys!

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