Monday, August 19, 2013

her wedding day.

we're definitely recovering from a wedding weekend over here. today i'll be doing laundry AND returning that beautiful wedding dress to the wedding dress rental place

the day was full of family, friends, and some good food afterwards. 

mr. and mrs. rydalch. in the flesh.

we even had a birthday party in the parking lot, fully equipped with mrs. backer's cupcakes to celebrate chandler's big 2-4. 

as the protective big brother, deven thought he ought to leave with the newlyweds. he didn't actually get in the car. but it made for a good laugh. then brooklyn cried. she didn't want her auntie googs to leave. so sad.

the happy couple is on their way to cali-forn-i-a. can't wait to hear about the adventures. then get them moved into their new home where they'll live like five exits from me! wahoo.

then, there was a little 'girls weekend' action. it was thrown together last minute but dang fun. we squished fourteen of us into a condo that sleeps eight. so... all of 'daughters' slept on the floor. there were bodies everywhere. but we totally loved it.

 (i slept there)

i really have no pictures to document our girls' trip. there was too much fun to be had. we shopped, lunched, stayed up too late, and visited as much as we could. 

/the picture below is us flipping a coin to decide where to go to lunch/

/we ended up at maxwell's. good food. lots of waiting/

/waiting out the storm in the car after shopping the outlets/

whoo... and that was the wedding/weekend in a nut shell. this girl is tired. and i can't be. mounds of laundry are calling my name.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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