Tuesday, August 20, 2013

dinner with friends.

tonight (remember? i write these posts the night before.) we had a little dinner party with friends. the occasion? one of the couples and their little family is making the move to idaho. so, we had to send them off with some yummy kalua pork (recipe here) and blondies topped with ice cream. 

we've lived close to them for a year now and hardly seen each other at all. so sad too. brooklyn loved playing with their daughter who is around the same age. she loves to have little friends come over. way cooler than just hanging out with mom and dad. way. 

besides being attacked by wasps all throughout dinner, it was a pleasant evening. i didn't snap a ton of pictures like i had planned. it's definitely not a task i do well when i'm playing hostess. i consider myself an excellent multi-tasker, but taking pictures and hosting is something i definitely need to work on. 

(flower in chalk - by haley) 

 (cute little emeri - looks like her daddy)

(those eyes. and you should see his thighs. delicious.) 

these two played well together most of the time. what else would you expect from toddlers?

(sneaking off to do sneaky things) 

after everyone left and james and i were cleaning up, i discovered this little art work on the wall. it's also on her bedroom walls, her closet, and anything else that bright pink chalk will show up on.  that's why we don't keep markers in the house. this also tells me that between laundry, errands, and preparing dinner... someone felt neglected by their mommy today (yesterday). 

i'll be making up for that tomorrow (today).

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