Tuesday, August 13, 2013

lunch + ducks

right in the middle of laundry day, brooklyn and i met james for lunch. seriously, mckay dee has some good food. we're learning what's good to order and what's not good to order. but their desserts really can't disappoint. after we finished eating we thought brooklyn would love to go out and see the ducks.

she was so excited.

until we actually got out to see the ducks.

then she wouldn't get off my lap.

she mostly wanted to say hi to them and ask them what they were doing. 

she also really wanted to jump into the pond. she wasn't too happy about being to close to water she couldn't get right in to. darn it. then, she spotted the geyser-ish water shooting 'up in the sky' and she wanted a closer look.

so we took a little stroll around the pond to get as close as we could. she was in heaven. pretty flowers to stop and look at, the ducks at a safe distance, and having her mom and dad's undivided attention. she totally played it up. 

the grounds really are beautiful. super peaceful and serene. it definitely had brooklyn in a super happy mood. especially considering that it was nap time. she was in no rush to leave. that cute little toddler of mine. 

she's growing up so darn much. it hearts my mama heart. in turn, i also love watching her grow and become her own little person. she's a little character and i just love her so much. personality oozes out of her and i hope that never changes. i want her to be my happy girl always.

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