Monday, August 12, 2013

meet lola + weekending.

meet lola.

that pink table up there. are you dying?! hopefully because you think it's cute and not incredibly crazy or over the top. i love her. she started friday morning out in her natural wood state and by friday afternoon she was basking in her glorious pink-ness.

james and i finished lost together early friday evening. the end was totally not how i imagined it. i was kinda sad. but it's ok. that show was well worth the hours spent watching it this summer. i totally recommend it. 


our weekend regulars met us at sonic for ice cream and drinks and then we headed back to our place. lots of visiting. lots of pre-football season-ing for the boys. and then a late night run to wal-mart to get the little cakes you make in the microwave. we wanted a big ol piece of chocolate cake, but no one around here sells those at 9 p.m. how come? that's what i want to know. anyway, the microwave cakes were perfection. totally hit the spot. that caramel... mmm.

saturday morning, brooklyn and i kissed james off to the byu scrimmage...

and ate our breakfast while watching hocus pocus...

(i could NOT help myself. hurry fall!)

after our breakfast had settled, we saddled up the jogger and went for a little walk/jog. i wish i could say we went for a run. but let's be honest, i am no where near in shape enough to 'go for a run'. i really really wish i was though. 

brooklyn enjoyed herself. she had her blanket and her 'bia' (doll), and she was set. she just kept saying, "where doe-in?" she is very interested lately in where we are going.

then, we got a little surprise visit from my sister (who gets married in 4 days!). she jumped on our 'errand train' and came to ulta with us. we browsed the make-up, bought the make-up, and then we sent her home to get more wedding stuff done.

brooklyn and i finished up our errands and then went to the library.

(and i did it all in a hat and lipstick. and why not? grandma jackie, this hat would be so cute on you!)

brooklyn loves the library. we'll definitely be spending more time there when the cold season hits us. she loves to pick the book and then choose a spot (different with every book) to read it. she's everywhere. but she's learning how to be quiet in there so i totally let her do it. i sit in the corner and watch her and am just amazed that the little person picking books and choosing a good spot to read it in is MY DAUGHTER. how? how did this happen? she's so big.

we were worn out after the library. it was time to head home and take a nap. brooklyn napped and i ate lunch. one of my favorite lunches right now. try it. seriously.

james got home from byu-ing it up and took care of brooklyn while i took a nap. a glorious nap. 

then we met back up with jeremy & chelsea. the boys watched more football and brooklyn. chelsea and i ran a bunch of errands. fun ones though. i found a slip to wear under my dress for kayla's wedding, and then we just hit up places that we love to peruse. a good ending to a saturday night.

sunday came. our lessons were taught, brooklyn cried going into nursery (what???), and then we were on our way to logan. james' cousin and wife live up there and they have a new member joining their family in a month, and we had a present to deliver. sunglasses included. little remington will be stylin'.

karalee baked us up a huge delicious lasagna, crunchy bread, and a green salad. how nice of her to feed us! seriously karalee, that lasagna was amazing!

/the fellas. aka the daddies/

/the ladies + remi/ 

we ended the weekend watching a movie, visiting with neighbors, and then taking it e-zay. such a great weekend. looking forward to this crazy wedding week and seeing so many people i just love to pieces. 

but first...


h a p p y  m o n d a y

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