Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ward garden.

(just pretend you don't see all the power lines in the background of these pictures. okay? okay.)

for family night, we decided on a little visit to the ward garden for some home grown goodness. that's exactly what we got. we left with corn, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. we deemed that very successful and can't wait to eat all of it, hopefully tonight.

the corn stalks were killing me! i'm ready for fall. i totally admit that. it had me giddy for corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and hay rides. my goodness. someone pour me a mug of hot apple cider! ok. i don't even like cider, but i think i might right now in this moment of 'fall hankering' that i'm having. 

brooklyn enjoyed playing in the dirt and getting nice and filthy. when we got her out of the car at the garden, we noticed the straps on her little outfit weren't staying up, so james had a plan of action, and i saw it through. poor girl look like she'd choke to death, but really, it wasn't that tight. just looked like it. 

(i spy brooklyn...or her hat rather) 

she spied some horses in the field nearby and begged her daddy to take her over to them. she kept saying, "i not scared, i not scared," but really she gets a tad nervous up close. after we were done picking our vegetables, james took her our there and she loved it. 

they all came right up to the fence and just stared at her. she was in heaven. 

when it was time to go, she pulled a little fit. we reminded her that we were topping our family night off with some pizza and a walk afterwards. totally calmed her down. we totally bribe her and i'm totally fine with it. 

she took about four bites of her pizza, whined on our way back home on our walk, and then asked to go to bed. sometimes she surprises us. i guess all that garden picking and horse time was a little too much for her.

the ward garden was great and we are sad we haven't taken advantage sooner. we were first timers. we also want to make sure and go back and learn so we can have an awesome garden of our own someday. we are both also glad to know where some horses are so we can add them to our list of bribery.  

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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