Monday, July 29, 2013

the festivities.

we did our best to make brooklyn's birthday a fun one. obviously, she won't remember it, but she'll see the pictures and we'll definitely tell her in great detail what we did for her first few birthdays.

it started off with her favorite breakfast that she almost always asks for, waffles with cookie butter. i put candles in her waffles thinking we ought to get some practice in before blowing out her candles on her cake that night. she was down. 

after breakfast, i let her help me water the flowers and then get a few things ready for her big party that night. we waited for james to get home from work (early) and then we quickly got our stuff together and drove to kaysville to play at the splash pad. james and i were both so glad we decided to wear our swimming suits because it was H.O.T. brooklyn loves the splash pad. it's totally up her alley and she gets to go swimming without actually swimming. 

we'd been there for about an hour when she informed us that she needed food. her daddy obliged and was off to get us a pizza. she scarfed a piece down and then wanted to play again. her anxious mama noticed the time and decided it was time to head home. without wanting to cause a fit because we had to leave, i told her we were going to get donuts. she got to the car faster than i could have running full speed. girl loves donuts! we had a coupon saved just for her birthday to get a free dozen and it was totally worth it.

/scarfing pizza/

/her second donut on the way home/

the splash pad exhausted her. i changed her out of her wet things and put her down for a nap. i got to work making her cake (in my swim suit). i really was crazy for about an hour. i wanted everything set up and ready to roll before everyone arrived. thanks to my parents coming a little early, it happened, and i could relax and enjoy the rest of the night.

 we served brooklyn's favorite foods for dinner (excluding waffles and cookie butter...maybe next year).

it turned out to be such a fun/chill night. i loved having everyone at our house and appreciated so much their willingness to celebrate with us. 

after dinner, it was present/cake time.

we've had this water table sitting in our garage since march. it was brooklyn's big present from my parents. she loves it, and so does livi. definitely a good purchase.

/the rest of these pictures were taken by my little sister haley. i really wanted to be able to help brooklyn open the presents, organize them, enjoy it, and have pictures of the three of us... so i handed the camera off. something i would totally recommend doing. thanks hay!/

/brooklyn totally sang along to her own 'happy birthday'/

/she got spoiled. no joke/

/everyone was anxiously waiting for this last present. my MIL, who lives in hawaii, sent brooklyn an ariel wig. brooklyn LOVES the little mermaid. her reaction was priceless./

/seeing herself in the wig for the first time... she's not too sure, and then she started shaking with excitement!/

/she didn't take it off for more than an hour that night/

the evening was a little toasty so brooklyn and olivia jumped into their swimsuits and played in the kid car wash my MIL left behind for brooklyn to enjoy. 

/so fun./

the rest of the evening was spent visiting, playing darts, eating cotton candy, and doing a few fireworks.

we can chalk this up as another fantastic memory here at cream gables. it was such a fun/happy evening spent with people i love, and celebrating a little toddler that i can't get enough of.

i still can't get over having a two year old in my possession. blows. my. mind.

we love you brooklyn jayde.

(thanks for the dress auntie ween) 

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