Wednesday, July 31, 2013

to do's.

yesterday was one of those days where i got everything done i wanted to, and still had energy for more. haven't had one of those in quite a while so i took total advantage and did even more than i planned on. i'm guessing today won't be one of those days. it might even be a do nothing and feel good about it kinda day. that's ok right?

these beauties greeted me first thing and i immediately wondered what would become of them by dinnertime. i reminded myself to look up a recipe, better yet, put it on my to do list for the day and carried on.

/to do lists rock/

brooklyn was a rockstar while i basically cleaned and organized the day away. we did take twenty minutes to read together. my dad, who knows a lot about this stuff, reminded me on brooklyn's birthday that i should be reading to her for twenty minutes (consecutively) every day. oops. she definitely gets read to every day, i just haven't been very diligent in the twenty minute part. you'd think the teacher in me would make that a definite priority. shame on me. but we've got a renewed determination to do it and we're doing it. 

we went on a walk after her nap to snap her out of her post-nap funk and then i started on dinner. i basically decided to cook it all up and throw it all together. not pictured are the carrots. those were washed, cut up, and eaten before dinner was served. they were delish.

i really wish i was a better food picture taker... it doesn't do it justice. 

after dinner was cleaned up, we invited our cute neighbors over for a little water party. this included running through the kid wash, jumping on the tramp, riding bikes, playing with the water table, and jamming out to some tunes from 1999 to 2007. that was a good music era in my book. don't hate. 

the kids had a blast and were ready for bed by the end of it. the mamas were happy and content to put all the littles to bed. we put brooklyn in her jammies, let her watch a little ariel, and james and i hunkered down in the man cave to watch a little lost. we're almost done with the series and right on schedule to be done before summer ends. i love the show. it give me nightmares, but i love it.

as much as i want fall to be here, i'm good with squeezing in all the summer we can until then. 

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y


speaking of my dad... HAPPY 50th!!! he's really not excited at all to be turning 50 but i think it looks good on him. we love you dad. you're the best grandpa and brooklyn loves spending time with you. can't wait to see you and celebrate!


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