Tuesday, July 9, 2013

to market to market...

two saturdays in a row at the slc farmer's market and they were both extremely different. this saturday was almost perfect weather to be out and about market-ing. there was nice cloud cover, and a sweet little breeze. we weren't melting to death like we did the week before. 

also, our usual weekend partners in crime joined us this time.

i tried to give chelsea the best tour of the place that i could. we stopped for delicious samples of breads, cheeses, and meats. we were in heaven. the daddies (that's james and jeremy's new nickname from now on) were kind enough to take brooklyn round the loop and over to the playground. good daddies.

chels spotted a cute drink with an umbrella and instantly we were on a mission to find where it came from. we found it two seconds later at a little spot called squeeze me lemonade. fun huh? there were so many good flavors to choose from. chels went with a strawberry. it tasted as good as it looked. mission accomplished.

we also got cookied at the ruby snap booth. second week in a row of the penelope cookie for me and i don't think i'll ever get something different. i just love it too much. seriously try one if you get the chance. best $2 spent at that market. however, chelsea scored some yummy cherries from the brigham city peeps that looked mouth watering as well.

we made our way over to the playground to relieve the daddies of their duties and then to head over to seven peaks for a swim. 

brooklyn loved having 4 adults to dote over her the entire time we were there and i'm guessing if we go back just the two of us, she's in for some disappointment. she's so lucky to be surrounded by people that love her and help her have so much dang fun. 

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Lisa and Gary Ruesch said...

Hope the lemonade was better than the last one we bought. Looks so fun. miss ya