Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of july celebrations: part II

ahh... the 4th of july. i really do love that holiday. everything about it. but most especially, the traditions that have been created because of it. traditions in my book, can't be topped.

our 4th of july this year started out with breakfast and then a nice work out for me with my mom. james and brooklyn stayed home and played. my mom and i did our work out up on the high school track in the nice hot sunshine (that about killed us) and we were more than ready for showers when we got home.

we showered, had lunch, and then visited for a little bit. whit and baby liv came over to join the party. grandma offered to babysit while we ran to the vintage market in coalville. we seriously could have spent half a day there. i love it. if i was rich, i'd buy the whole place. the women behind it are super talented and creative. i walked away with a wreath for winter and my name on their wish list for some items i'm looking for. success.
 whit and i hurried back home to our babies and took about a million pictures of them together in their red white and blue. brooklyn looks too big in the picture below. stop growing!

we tried photo 

a midst the crazy picture taking, james got a hair cut from yours truly and i have to say, it's one of the best haircuts i've ever give him. thanks to a good pair of clippers. thanks whit!

just one more...

when it got almost evening time, we said goodbye to the holmes household and headed over the mountain to kaysville. our destination was my BIL and SIL's house where we would dine on steak, potatoes, corn on the cob, buffalo dip and chips, cherries, and then head to the best fireworks in utah (really, they're pretty awesome).

but after dinner, we were so lucky to get to eat chelsea's banana cake and her grandparents' homemade ice cream: tutti fruity. divine. all of it. a great way to round out our 4th of july bbq. i wish i could give you all a taste of that cake and ice cream. you'd be in heaven i promise. 

and i had to get a picture of chelsea's grandpa getting the ice out of their awesome ice cream maker. isn't it nostalgic and cool?

as soon as brooklyn heard we were heading for the fireworks, she jumped in her stroller and wanted to go. have i mentioned she loooooves fireworks? totally and completely.

we walked the couple blocks to where jeremy had kindly laid out blankets and saved our spot and we were ready to enjoy the atmosphere and amazing firework show that would happen shortly. we bid the time eating candy, visiting, watching brooklyn dance, and enjoying the fireworks going off all around us. we had a nice little pre firework show. score.

then, it got dark and it was time enjoy the show. brooklyn sat for the whole thing (it's almost 30 minutes long) and said things like, "ooh pretty", and "big one!". she loved it all, but was definitely ready for bed when we got back to our car.

thanks again to jeremy and chelsea for hosting us and helping to keep up the awesome tradition of a bbq and k-town fireworks. we look forward to it every year and can't wait until next year!

i hope all of you enjoyed a super fun safe holiday as well.

p.s. my sister got engaged this weekend and we are MORE than happy for her and can't wait for judd to be officially in our crazy family. we love you guys!

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