Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of july celebrations: part 1

our first 4th of july celebration was on the 3rd of july. brooklyn was more than happy to start the celebrations a day early.

she was even willing to get in the car to make the drive to coalville. 

when we got to my parents, it was obvious that my parents had spent a lot of time getting the house clean, the yard looking nice, and getting dinner ready. i always appreciate that they work so hard to make sure we all have an enjoyable time...even though, we could eat cheap pizza in a filthy house and still have a great time. your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!

and dinner was delish! look at that spread.

baby liv being patriotic and adorable.

we all enjoyed the food and company and were very grateful for air conditioning.


i love these people.

after the food had settled, the guys played a little 'pig' down on the basketball court and the ladies watched (and visited by darn).

it was a picture perfect evening, even if it was a little hot. the sun took it's time going down and we were just fine with it. for me, it was one of those evenings that i wished could just go on forever. being surrounded by the ones i loved, relaxing, and enjoying a terrific view all made for such a great evening.

as it started getting dark, the guys rigged up a movie screen out of duct tape, a sheet, and a trampoline turned on its' side. us lady folk were mighty impressed. if only we had made sure the speakers worked we would have been set. but that delayed us about an hour. we all got into the movie (ok some fell right to sleep) and then it started to rain. so we packed it up and packed it inside to finished the movie. we went to bed at 1 AM. 

(do you think i need to clean my lense)

but boy was it worth the late night. it was a great beginning to our 4th of july celebrations. thanks again mom and dad.
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