Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the wait.

while brooklyn was still in the womb, and we still lived in a basement apartment, i dreamed up this vision of trees in our future backyard filled with twinkling lights. perfect for summer nights. but then i was sad. we didn't have a backyard with trees, nor did we have a gazillion little empty baby food jars to put lights in. i tried thinking of other ways to accomplish this little dream of mine, but my brain's not that creative and i couldn't get the baby food jars out of my head. 

i couldn't wait for brooklyn to start eating baby food. well i could. i didn't want her to grow up and all that jazz, but i couldn't wait to get my hands on those jars. i saved a couple every week until i thought my stash was sufficient. then i waited.

lucky for us, we moved into cream gables and my little baby food jar lights could come to fruition. yesss! i honestly can't believe i just barely made this happen. after two years of waiting for it, moving these jars into a storage unit for five months, and then having them stare at me for another five... i really can't believe i waited this long. 

but then, we did it. 

and james whipped wire around those bad boys so fast i didn't even have time to jump up and down with happiness and excitement that this was really happening. before i knew what was happening... we were clipping them in place. on little branches. 

brooklyn supervised.

then, we waited for it to get dark so we could light them.

brooklyn took this opportunity to run through the sprinkler. 

with clothes...

and then without...

and then i got too anxious. the sun wasn't going down quickly enough. i have no patience. but you probably already knew that. 

we lit them and then i sat under one of the trees and enjoyed them.

pictures don't do them justice. and i'm not an expert with a camera and lighting and all that, so just try and imagine this ten times better. 

totally worth the wait.

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