Thursday, July 11, 2013

the dress.

we're planning a wedding over here. and it's fun. even with it being the third sister in our family to plan a wedding, it's still exciting. 

we've done the wedding dress shopping and scored at this fun little place...

so far, we've all rented our dresses and that's turned out to be awesome. cheaper than buying, and then we don't have a dress lying around wondering what to do with it. we have detailed pictures of our dresses and that's been good enough for us. i would totally recommend this place!

it was a fun girls' day and judd's mom even joined us. the more the merrier we say. kayla looked gorgeous in every dress but she eventually narrowed it down to two, and after a lot of agonizing over the decision. she picked one.

and no you don't get to see a picture of it.

not yet.

kayla changed behind this black curtain and got to be 'revealed' in each dress. we loved it. lots of oohs and ahhs. so entertaining for us.

i love being able to do these kind of things with my mom and my sisters. i feel so blessed that i get to have them in my life. and let's not forget brooklyn and olivia. they added to the fun and had fun at their first wedding dress shopping experience. for the most part.

more wedding updates to come.

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y 

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