Wednesday, July 17, 2013

just stay little.

so yesterday, the three of us ate pizza in the car.

in the costco parking lot.

 brooklyn was stoked about it. 

after the pizza was devoured, we kissed james goodbye and headed home to cream gables. nothing really waiting for us to do. so we had a little dance party, and then i tried to get brooklyn to take a nap. after an hour of no nap, i put in one of her favorite movies, how to train your dragon (totally her dad's idea), and let her watch it with high hopes and fingers crossed that she'd fall asleep. but to no avail.

this girl has some energy. she definitely has spunk. and for some reason, sometimes she just doesn't have time for a nap. she's much too busy for that.

usually no nap means she will be an ornery little thing at about three o'clock. yesterday was different however. she was happy as a lark all day. there were no time-outs, no temper tantrums, and she was seriously a delight all day. shocking. 

so while she was happily playing outside, i snapped some quick pictures of her. i don't know how well i capture her personality on this blog. i really don't think i portray her true character. but let me tell you, she is full of it. 

she's a little firecracker and i love her with all my heart and soul.

i want to remember every little detail of her at this age and stage. james and i both just love it. we love how she talks, sings, and pulls the funniest faces just to get a reaction out of us.

her sweet little hands, toes, arms, legs, cheeks... i kiss them every chance i get. 

oh i don't want her to grow up. it breaks my heart just typing those words. grow up. no brooklyn no. please don't. right now you love yourself and you love the world you live in. you're always saying things like, "i so cute", and, "i so funny." i don't ever want you to lose that confidence in yourself. hang on to it. hang on to it tightly. and i'm going to do everything in all my mama power to keep you that way. 

oh this girl.

i just love her to bits and pieces and feel like the luckiest because i get to be her mom.

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