Thursday, July 18, 2013

hiding and long lost friends.

fun fact: james gets brooklyn ready for bed every night. isn't he a good daddy?

brooklyn think it's funny to hide from him when it's that time. james...doesn't usually think it's very funny. me, yeah, yeah i do.

secondly: one of my best childhood friends came to see us today before she moves clear in the heck to texas. she's so much more brave than me. her boys are so darn cute and brooklyn loved having them around. she definitely needs a sibling. asap.

i hadn't seen her boys since brooklyn was a month old or so when they came to see her for the first time. we always wait too long to get together and now we'll be lots and lots of miles apart. so sad. but seriously, i'm excited for her little family's new adventure in texas. i hope they don't stay there forever. i love you sherrie!

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y !

(they're just so darn cute)

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Lisa and Gary Ruesch said...

Oh my goodness the personality in that girl! She is so darn cute! love ya