Monday, May 20, 2013

magical sunday.

today was one of those sundays that my heart felt like it might burst. burst right out of my chest. it was full of gratitude and love. gratitude because i was finally feeling better after my 'bout with a stomach bug all weekend, and also because it was just one of those magical sundays. ya know what i mean? those sundays where the weather, what you eat, who you're with, and everything is almost perfection. 

my heart was full of love for this little family of mine. brooklyn and james put up with me being sick all weekend. james changed brooklyn's diaper every time. we're talking six times in two hours. her tummy also didn't feel too swell friday night. brooklyn gave me plenty of loves and lots of "i so-wee"s. she also was a total rock star and marched right into nursery without one tear. so proud of her! she stayed the whole two hours and was thrilled to do it. she's getting so big and just growing right up. my heart bursts with love and sadness.

after james picked a bucket load of mint in the backyard this evening, we decided after talking about it for two years, it was high time we made our own mint limeade. i looked up a few recipes and then we just kinda dove in. what we came up with was a pretty tasty drink. i only took a sip because my tummy's still a tad iffy and one sip was enough to know it was good. no need to down a glass. but james did. and he loved it.

between rain storms brooklyn wanted to be outside. always outside. james obliged and played with her forever. she was in heaven. in only her diaper and a blanket for a cape, playing with her daddy on the tramp made her day.

then it started to rain again. drats. little did she know that her daddy had another fun activity in store. 

fort making.

she loved it. she wanted to be under it, on top of it, around it, and next to it all at the same time. if you've seen her in real life, you know what i mean. totally brooklyn style. 

(take note of the carpet burn on her cheek. aint no thang.) 

gosh these magical sundays make my week. especially because, i think, i don't have to go through those miserable sunday night blues any more. i don't dread 'going to work' monday morning. i love my job. i totally and completely love it. it's not easy. no no. teaching kindergarten was a lot easier in a lot of ways, but this job, being a stay at home mom, is sooo much better. in like a thousand ways, my new job totally rocks. i wouldn't trade it for all the money or clothes or purses or shoes get the point. i wouldn't trade it for anything. it's something i try to remind myself of when i'm having a really bad mommy day. those days don't come super often, but when they come, i remind myself just how good i have it. i am blessed. totally blessed.

this week i'm praying for lots of good mommy days as we pack and prepare ourselves for our hawaii trip and flight. we're stoked for this vacation and only hope the prep, and journey there, will go smoothly. i've already made five lists. not even kidding. that's how we roll around here and it works. so send good karma and prayers our way. packing and flying with a toddler is cray-cray and we're about to do both. ahhh! 

but first, we've got a dinner party to host for the holmes crew here at cream gables tomorrow night (monday) and we're pumped. i'm thinking... hawaiian haystacks...

p.s. my team teacher in my church calling got married this weekend and gave away tomato plants to her guests as a welcome and guess what?! i scored three of them. bless her.

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