Saturday, May 18, 2013

daybreak bbq.

thursday started out as the most sunny/happy day. brooklyn and i gulped down our breakfast and headed to the park. she was in heaven. she probably hadn't been to the park in over a week. she was going through withdrawals. getting her in that swing made her day! she didn't want to get out. our whole time at the park was spent 'at the swings'. she loved it. and to make the deal even sweeter, her daddy stopped by to say hi to us, give us kisses, and then say goodbye. she was thrilled.

the heat and all the swinging, and then post park playing really wore her out. she fell asleep, rice krispy in hand, on the floor with her nana. she had a great nap i tell ya. when she woke up, she promptly finished that rice krispy treat. no wasting those around these parts.

the day started getting less sunny and a lot more cloudy. we were bummed because we were heading to a bbq out in daybreak at my MIL's brother's home. kurt and steph were the awesome hosts and spoiled us with tons of food.

brooklyn loved their tramp, dog (from a distance), the bubbles, and steph's son hayden.

not pictured is brooklyn's favorite food at the bbq... nacho cheese doritos. she was in heaven. she ate more than just that, but she definitely filled up on those yummy chips.

their house was so cute, slide in the basement included. steph and her kids were so cute with brooklyn. they let her go wherever she wanted, play with whatever she wanted, and she even got some glow sticks at the end from aunt steph.

we had a great time and loved the time we were able to spend with my in-laws. promptly after we left the bbq, i got sick. and i've been sick for the last 36 hours. ugh. i do feel a little better this morning, and by darn i have to feel better. we have another bbq to attend at ruesch manor tonight. not to mention, we have a lot of errands and things to get done before we head to hawaii. 

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