Tuesday, May 21, 2013

haystacks and a bucket list.

so i went with hawaiian haystacks and i'd say they were a hit. i made way too much rice and there wasn't even cheese. lesson learned. i'm still not very good at guessing quantities of food for more than just james and i. 9? i'm really not good at figuring it out for 9.

the best part was just having everyone here. i loved it. i am good at having everything ready so that when the company gets to my house, i can visit and eat. the picture below was taken 20 minutes before everyone came. that's why the roll basket is empty and two of the bowls aren't filled with pineapple and olives. that's the other thing i've learned, i have to take pictures of the table/decorations before or i won't get pictures. so, sometimes, things are only half done. but at least i got the picture.

the mint limeade was a hit. if only i could figure out how to make it more tart, without it being too bitter. i like it sweet, but i love it tart. thoughts?

brooklyn gets so anxious for visitors to show up at the door. she played by the front door tonight for almost a half hour. the waiting kills her! 

the bummer of the night was that it just wasn't warm enough to eat outside. i kept hope until an hour before and realized, it wasn't happening. darn it. we ate super classy like in the family room with tv trays. oh ya.

i've missed ya googs.

brooklyn put on a show out on the tramp. she loves having everyone's attention and applause. she lives for a good audience and my family gave it to her.

whit and chuck stayed longer than everyone and it was nice to chat with them for awhile. and let's be honest, i loved having some time with that cute squishy niece of mine. i seriously could just eat her right up. she gets cuter every time i see her. no joke.

after the crowd was gone, i was exhausted. i had been going all day. my laundry and all my floors were done before noon today. i luckily had just enough juice in me to get everything set up for dinner and keep brooklyn alive all day. then, after it was all said and done, i crashed. james took care of the messes and i could have just cried tears of joy. 

i realized last night that summer will be officially kicking off (in my book: memorial day) while we're in hawaii. so james and i scrambled to put together our summer bucket list. i got my sister on the job right away and in no time, she had a few all designed up for me, and i got to choose my fave. 

this year, we went with two categories: yummy and fun. sounds like summer right?! 

simple and totally doable. can't wait to start crossing things off. 

w e  l o v e  s u m m e r 

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