Wednesday, May 22, 2013

smiling is hard.

man, packing and prepping for a vacation is hard work. down right. i only packed for about an hour, but phew. i'm guessing it's more the other things that i have done to get ready to head out that have tuckered me out. for example, i have to have a clean house. there is almost nothing worse than coming home after vacation to a mess. i really can't handle it. so, my house is spic and span and my car is clean. for some reason, my car has to be clean as well. sometimes it makes it feel like new when i get it in again for the first time after having been away. i love it. 

hopefully we don't forget anything. hopefully brooklyn does well on our long flight. hopefully i don't get too hungry on the plane. and mostly, hopefully i don't have to use the bathroom on the plane. i've never had to, and honestly, i hope i never do. i've flown to hawaii before and i didn't use it then. so, come on trusty bladder, be strong and let's keep a clean record!

i leave you with some pictures that james took of brooklyn on saturday while i was sick on the couch. he almost always gets better pictures of her than i do. the pictures below are in order. and as  captured, it looks like brooklyn had a hard time holding a smile.

and then just gave it up for this cute little blank expression.

h a w a i i   h e r e   w e   c o m e 

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