Monday, May 6, 2013

let me break it down for ya...


james gets home earlier than normal and we get to work on some projects in the front and backyard. we did this for about five hours.

brooklyn loves our backyard and she's proving it.

we rewarded our hard work with a pizza and cougar town. chels came over. then jeremy came over later. we love that they'll hang out with us every weekend.


breakfast to go and onto lowe's to pick out a few flowers. literally a few. we're talking fifteen dollars worth. 

planted those bad boys.

off to support uncle jeremy at an event he was volunteering at in ogden.

brooklyn had a blast. her favorites were jumping in the bounce house and getting her face painted by her uncle jeremy.

we lunched at old grist mill. no we didn't drive to logan. there is one in ogden. life complete. we'll be going there again soon.

went home to get a few more things done and then relax. 

that evening we met up with jeremy and chelsea and went to boondocks in kaysville. brooklyn just loves that place. she mostly loves to run around. but her favorite activities include the carousel, running up and down the ski ball ramp, and choosing prizes at the end for all of her tickets (that mommy and daddy mostly earned from the basketball game).

we ended saturday with a fire and roastin' some mallows. i honestly think it's been a good three years since i've had one of those and my goodness, i'm never going that long again. thanks again j & c. fires at your place every saturday k? k.


brooklyn did awesome all three hours of church. she's really even starting to like nursery. the bubbles they do every week keep her coming back again and again.

dinner on the grill. james said this is a bad picture because everything looks burnt to a crisp, but i can tell you that everything was delicious and tasted just like summer should. 

we dined on the patio and then soaked up every last bit of our weekend together as a our little family of three. this week we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of my MIL and SIL from hawaii. they roll in some time on tuesday and we can't wait. we've been telling brooklyn that they're coming but i'm not sure she gets it yet. i think she'll be more excited when i can tell her they'll be here, "in a minute." she'll be so excited to see them.


and a VERY happy 17th birthday to my sister haley. how the heck are you 17?! your niece loves you to pieces and can't wait to give you a birthday kiss. we love you!

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yes to fire pit saturdays and also yes to naked brookie on the tramp.