Friday, May 3, 2013

haley's surgery.

brooklyn and i spent most of the day in salt lake and loved it. we hit up trader joes on the way to our destination because well why not, and we were out of cookie butter. our hearts were crushed when we found out that trader joes is out of cookie butter, like nationwide out. so sad. we'll be stocking up the next time it comes out. ten jars at least. 

our 'destination' in salt lake was the tosh hospital in murray to go see haley. she had surgery on her hip that's been bothering her for a long time. so it's good she had it done, but she has quite the recovery ahead of her. she didn't handle the anesthesia well. she came out of it pretty emotional and saying things that were off the wall. like when she said she didn't like reeses. umm... not true. that's her favorite food on the planet. instead, she wanted skittles, because, "they have medicine in them and will make me feel better." she also had a really scary few minutes where her blood pressure dropped to 38 and the nurse was having a hard time helping her get it back up to a normal number. blue lips, and eyes rolled back in her head. kinda scary.

we all vegged in her hospital room for the day. brooklyn loved exploring and getting into things she wasn't supposed to. she did get a little break and get to play outside for a minute when we went to get lunch. 

by the time we got back with lunch, haley was back to normal. we were so glad. she really had to go to the bathroom but didn't have the feeling back in one of her legs. so, she got to meet her goal of the day and she used the commode. it was hilarious. not to haley. she'll look back on it and laugh. we sure had a great time taking pictures of her to document. we love you hay. 

i brought her some sunflowers but forgot about a vase. we improvised.

it's days like these that make me so grateful to live close to my family. i loved being able to be there with haley, take her some movies and flowers, and just to let her know i loved her. surgery's not very fun, but being surrounded by those you love definitely makes it a little more bearable. 

after james got home from work we went to: jamba juice, wal mart, t mobile, kohls, ross, and target. we settled on grilled cheese sandwiches back at home for dinner, watched the office, cut james' hair, and then called it a night. 

i'm pooped. 



h a p p y  f r i d a y 

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