Thursday, May 2, 2013

may first.

not much to write about tonight. it was a really good day, minus the darn cold wave we're experiencing. most of the day was normal with all of our routines going about as they usually do, but then, kayla showed up and we were stoked for a visitor. we chatted a little and then went shopping. 

she didn't stay long enough. brooklyn and i were both sad to see her leave. luckily, james got home right before she left so we did have him to keep us company. i quickly put on some water to boil and we all crashed on our bed for a minute to just breathe. we don't do that enough. the three of us. just still and relaxing. i finished up cooking dinner while james entertained brooklyn. we ate (Fettuccine alfredo and crusty bread). made our own dirty diet cokes to wash it down with (just add coconut) and then we did some much needed catch up on new girl and the office. so great to have a good laugh in the middle of the week (cougar town this weekend chels!). 

we contemplated staying in our comfy positions on the couch for the rest of the evening but felt it necessary to go get milk for the next day's breakfast. kind of a must around here. we peeled ourselves off the couch, buckled brooklyn into her car seat, and headed to the nearest grocery store. our cart ended up packed with cookies, milk of course, and some very very odds and ends. i think we were a tad delirious. 

(she loves oatmeal/granola. loves it.)

but hey, these evenings are so special to me. i love this time in our lives right now. brooklyn is in such a fun stage and we get the biggest kick out of her. we're excited for summer. we feel so blessed in our daily endeavors and just pray that they continue. 

(my favorite purchases of the night = crisp pear and basil candle. divine. and this body spray james picked out for me. it's called 'hot date'. just fyi in case you can't read that. it smells dang good. for real.)

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