Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a birthday to remember.

haley's 17th birthday bash (because what else would it be called with family involved? right?) started out like any other normal birthday bash at the holmes house. lots of food prep, visiting, small people running around/being passed around. it was all super duper normal until we were dishing up our food (taco salad to be exact).

haley wasn't feeling too hot and decided she better go lay down. she looked like she might throw up. since my mom hadn't dished up her food yet, she was the one to help haley make the trek from the kitchen to the living room to lie down on the couch. about three steps into it, haley passed out. my mom started yelling for help and chaos broke out at the birthday bash. james hopped up and did the best he could, from behind, to help keep haley up. i grabbed an arm, a few others scrambled to get the couch cleared off, and my dad was there to help lower her onto the couch. when she came to, she started hyperventilating. both my parents were (more my mom) were yelling at her to breathe. haley was very unresponsive and it was panicking everyone. including brooklyn who was yelling in the background, "no no no no!" haley's friend was there whose mom is a pa so we got her on the phone and she told my parents to get her to the er. oh boy. so, more panic, getting her into the car as fast we could. we sent them off and sat down to try and eat our untouched food. some of us couldn't stomach anything at that point. while others, had no problem downing their food after that crazy few minutes. 

about five minutes later we got word that they were coming back home. haley was stabilized and feeling a lot better. we were thrilled.

the party got back to normal.

it ended with a rousing rendition of 'happy birthday to you' and an ice cream cake dessert. i think it's safe to say haley won't ever forget this birthday. and neither will we. phew.

we love you hay.

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