Sunday, April 14, 2013

spring wedding day.

friday was the perfect day for a spring wedding. the weather was beautiful. not too hot and not too cold. my cute cousin landon married his beautiful fiancee devyn in the salt lake temple and we couldn't be more excited about another great addition to the family.

their luncheon was at the wight house in bountiful. it was lovely. followed by a small program, including a touching song, temple spires, sung by landon's youngest sister kate. 

the cutest memory of the day was probably landon and devyn's cake. instead of paying big bucks for one, they made it themselves. how sweet is that? they said it started out as kind of a joke, but thought the memory was too good not to use the cake as their 'real' cake and i think it really was the icing on their beautiful day.

congrats you two! we love you and can't wait to see how cute your kids will be! i mean seriously, look at them!


it was such a gorgeous day, we couldn't help but take a ton of pictures on temple square. i'll spare you all of them. here are just a few.

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