Friday, April 12, 2013

oh just another sick day.

this time, i got to join the sick club. colds for the both of us. how's that for a thursday? i shouldn't complain. it could've been much worse. anywho...

brooklyn woke about an hour earlier than normal and cried for breakfast. after preparing it as quickly as i could, i strapped her into her high chair and put the food in front of her, only to have her cry that she wanted something else. patience melinda patience. i told her she had to eat what mommy made her and that if she did it would make me soooo happy. it worked. amazing. 

so, we ate breakfast and then moped around for a little bit. sniffling all the way. brooklyn then asked to get in the tub. i usually am the one to bring up the tub because she gets busy playing and doesn't want to stop. so, i gladly took her upstairs to get in the tub. she was a much happier girl in the tub. she was even happy when i got her out. it was during the getting dressed and brushing her teeth part that she turned ornery again. patience melinda patience. i felt bad that she was sick, i just really really like it better when she's happy. duh. i can't always have what i want right? 

 (don't worry. i found time to shower in our sickly morning activities.)

so we went about our day, brooklyn being super tired+sick+ornery and be really trying to be patient and loving. i turned on a pbs show for her to watch and she fell asleep in my lap. so...i read my book. i don't usually get to hold her while she is sleeping and i loved it. she's getting so big. i really don't treasure those precious moments where she'll sit in my lap and just let me hold her.

after her nap, she seemed a little bit more sick. honestly. she asked to get in the tub again. i gladly obliged. i felt awful that she was feeling so miserable. i know i talk about losing patience, but 90% of me feels terrible that she feels sick and i would much rather take the pain and discomfort so that she didn't have to feel an ounce of it. just some of those motherly feelings that kick in. 

again, she was delighted to be back in the tub. so happy. she let me take pictures of her and i got some cute video of her just singing at the top of her lungs. cutest. she let me know when she was ready to get out. happy happy...until i started getting her dressed. i told her we'd go get a smoothie for lunch and that chippered (is that a word?) her right up. 

she was an angel when we went to get that smoothie. charming as ever. saying hi to the cashier and then playing ever so quietly with their adorable wooden fruit. she loves those things. then, i on the way home, she honest to goodness cut her lip with the straw. partly her gums too. she was broken hearted and wailed the whole way home. broke. my. heart. 

the rest of the day she was pretty ornery and miserable. until we had a little dance party in her room. she loves it when i (or anyone else that will) dance with her. loves it! it definitely lifted her spirits. we made a quick trip to the park. the weather was beautiful and we just couldn't not. after the park she was ready for another little nap. a quick 30 minuter. i joined in. it looked much too fun to miss out on. we woke up shortly before james got home. 

james came home and announced that he would love a jamba juice. we'd done the tub thing twice, why not do another smoothie? two for two. she loved it just as much the second time, and this time, no fights with the darn straw. 

we relaxed the rest of the evening and enjoyed a visit from jeremy and chelsea. we love living so close to them. brooklyn loves getting to see them so often. they both spoil her with attention and anything else she wants. it definitely was a good ending to a sick miserable day. 

we're going to a wedding today. so pray for us. that brooklyn will feel better and that i can come up with something comfortable+cute to wear in this weird weather. not sure how warm or light i should dress. it's complicated. such a huge deal... :)

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

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