Thursday, April 11, 2013

parks + being sick

after a rough night, i wasn't sure yesterday was going to be a good day. brooklyn got a really nice cold before bed and did not sleep well. neither did her mommy or daddy. no bueno. but to my surprise she acted happy when she woke up. asked for one of her usual breakfasts and then asked to get in the tub. 

i obliged. we love tub time.

i checked the temperature of our place of residence and deemed it warm enough to go to the park for a quick swing and slide. brooklyn was stoked. she could hardly stay upright as she ran clumsily for the swing. sadly, it was taken (there's only one baby swing. the nerve.) so she explored the slides and other playground equipment her mother says is ok for her. 

this sign let us know something crazy must have happened there the night before. the tunnel was cracked right through the bottom. yikes. 

history was made at that park on that slightly warm day... brooklyn went down the big twirly slide all by herself. she talked herself into for five minutes. the reward? to swing. that girl will do anything to swing. so she braved the death defying slide (not really). got down and ran straight for the swing with my laughing all the way behind her. funniest thing ever. 

we stayed along enough until it was time to meet james for lunch and a little shopping. i would call it a success. these cuties below got to come home with me because they were on for a killer deal. i love them dearly.

after kissing our husband/daddy goodbye, the day kind of just got worse. brooklyn cried all the way home. she was tired and she couldn't breathe due to her nose being stuffy. poor thing. 

we got home, snuggled up in blankets, put on a movie, and brooklyn fell asleep. i got a few things done and a little bit more of my book read and then her short lived nap was over. she was sad, and feverish. i tried to feed her some yummy hot food, but she wasn't really having it. i really wanted her to eat so i bribed her with a cookie. it worked. she forgot about the cookie too. i took her outside bundled up in her blanket and we read some stories. the sun kind of zapped her out of her sick funk. 

she was happy for about an hour.

james got home, she was happy again, and then we started preparing dinner. james grilled asparagus and fish on the grill and i baked the potatoes. a nice simple, light dinner. heaven knows we needed it. nice and light. 

brooklyn then turned ornery sick again, just in time for james to leave for a church meeting. blah. i kept her busy with stickers. it seems to be her craft of choice these days. the stickers become body art. she'd leave them all on all day if i let her.

it was a lot of nose wiping-sticker sticking-book reading while james was gone.

here's how the night ended..

james and i both getting distracted doing our own things and brooklyn doing this...

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y 

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