Monday, April 15, 2013

saturday + sunday

after the wedding on friday, we were pooped to say the least. we went to bed around 10 and called that day a good one.

saturday morning came. it brought flag football for james, and a trip to the library and park for brooklyn and me. just what that girl needed.
the rest of the day was productive. my SIL and my in-laws are all going to be staying at my house in may for my SIL's farewell. we have quite a check list to get through before their visit. it's a great motivator for us to get things done that NEED desperately to be done.

that evening, chels and i went on a movie date to see the host. i had read the book in october and was anxious to see it turned into a movie. the book is definitely better with so many more details, but i really thought they did a good job with the movie. the concept is very interesting/weird but it really sucked me in. 

we returned to my house with james, jeremy, brooklyn, and haley waiting for us. brooklyn is so attached to me, and was definitely glad to see me. however, her daddy and uncle did a great job of entertaining her and keeping her occupied while i was gone. 

we rounded out the night with chinese food (we're definitely on a chinese food kick. whatever the pregnant one can stomach. thanks again chels!) and as always, a cougar town/new girl marathon. it was nice to just relax, laugh, and all hang out together.

i forgot to mention...

brooklyn got spoiled with a bath (i always bathe her in the morning) and her aunties got her ready for bed. she's so blessed with so many aunts that love her.

haley slept over and we were so glad to have her. we took advantage of having her there and did a little photo shoot before church. i've wanted pictures of us in front of the house and she did such a good job. i'm not ready to reveal the whole inside of the house yet, but hopefully soon. there are just a few more things that need to be done before a tour can be done. cream gables will make its' debut on the blog shortly!

thanks again hay.


h a p p y  m o n d a y

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