Tuesday, April 16, 2013

fhe at ikea.

on our chilly sunday afternoon stroll, i insisted we stopped and take pictures of this gorgeous tree in bloom. good thing. we woke up to snow this morning (monday). i couldn't believe it, but then i could. it's utah after all. 

i got the laundry started and sent this text to james:

soup and sandwiches? lunch?

to which he replied:

sounds good.

i thought for a snowy day, that would be a darned good lunch. and it was. even after brooklyn tripped in the hall of the hospital and slammed her face into the tile. and even after we wanted to slug the lady that took our order for our sandwiches. the food was delightful. the best part? the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. not even kidding. i even made james go stand in line again just for another one of those bad boys. i really don't think i've had one THAT good. 

brooklyn fell asleep on our way back home. so she car napped, and i did more laundry and even read a little of my book. heaven on this cold wintry like day. 

for fhe, we headed to salt lake for an IKEA trip. my MIL needed a few things and we of course needed some stuff. we always need stuff from there. yes, need. 

so we grubbed, and then we shopped. til we dropped.

dear IKEA,

i love you and we've had some great times. really great. but we need to break up for awhile. i can't afford you. i know we'll get back together soon. don't miss me too much. i know i'll think of you fondly, and often.


your ex... melinda.

p.s. my thoughts and prayers go out to boston and all those affected. xoxo

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