Monday, March 18, 2013

the weekend of paint.

i dub this past weekend as the 'painting weekend'. it started friday morning when chels showed up at my house with a car full of things to paint. we laid it all out and went to town. brooklyn was happy to play and dance nearby while we painted. we jammed out to the justin bieber station on pandora and sipped on our sonic drinks. with a couple quick errands in between coats of paint, a couple hours, and some darn cute hot pink striped tv trays later...we were done. well chels was. i wasn't quite. i finished my stuff on saturday morning.

james's cousin steven and my other SIL tori came over for the evening and we grilled up some turkey burgers. we even ate them outside. it got chilly fast so we moved the party indoors and impatiently waited for jeremy to get there so we could all go out for dessert. ice cream of course. while we waited, i attempted to put some piggy tails in brooklyn's hair. her very thin hair. but we were successful and i about died/cried of cuteness at the sight of her. she looked so grown up and not like my baby brooklyn at all. my gosh that girl's just growing right up. brooklyn loved hanging out with her auntie 'ch' all day, as always.

like i said, saturday morning, i finished my painting projects while james fertilized the lawn, and brooklyn took a nap. it was a late night on friday for that little one. we got some other yard stuff done and james even bleached the garage floor. we're so excited for summer and all the projects we have up our sleeves! it was a pretty productive saturday. 

that evening we met up with friends at buffalo wild wings for dinner and lots of visiting. i finally got to meet baby camden and wanted to munch on those kissable chubby cheeks of his. and those lips. oh those lips. you have to see those in person. they are irresistible. 

after dinner it was more cousin time. steven came up again, along with james' other cousin doug. we visited for awhile and then chelsea and i had our own girl time. like we needed after a whole day of painting together, but we just did. we always do. you can never have enough girl time. 

sunday brouht st. patty's day and that meant we were all wearing green. i wasn't sure how to pull off green with brooklyn, but since dad gets her ready for church, it was up to him to figure it out. which he did, and honestly folks, he did it to the best of his ability. he didn't have much to work with. she even had green earrings in (which she lost one of during nursery later in the day). nonetheless, we were very festive at church today. and we were LUCKY too. brooklyn stayed the whole 2 hours in nursery!!! big deal. big deal.

our st. patty's sunday dinner was green french toast and green milk. very simple. it was the fastest, easiest, and also the yummiest in my mind, thing i could come up with. brooklyn loved it. she's a french toast fan just like her mama.

we rode with jeremy and chelsea to the slc to visit james' was a short, nice visit. steak included.

we made the trek home and just relaxed for the rest of sunday. it was avocado toast for supper and then lots of sitting around and 'brooklyn watching'. our favorite thing. we even got so lucky as to have kayla come stay with us. brooklyn waited anxiously for her to come so we could eat brownie sundays. she loves her auntie googs! sadly, auntie googs had to go back to utah state for classes so we didn't get to hang out with her very much. but we'll take a short visit any day. 

this week we look forward to more family time, some yummy dinners, possibly more painting, and fun weekend at the end of it. sounds good to me. let's get this started monday!

p.s. my parents are enjoying a nice long cruise. that sounds about right to me right now.  
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