Thursday, March 14, 2013

a walk.

before the sun set, the three of us headed over to jeremy and chelsea's in cute little kaysville. chelsea had left some food at our house, so we used it as a good excuse to go visit. plus, i couldn't wait to hear more about chelsea's first baby doctor appointment. that's right. brooklyn's finally going to have a cousin on the ruesch side (can't wait to meet you little bRue). we are all so excited!

chelsea's friends showed up while we were there, so it was definitely a party. chels suggested a walk and it turned out to be an awesome idea. brooklyn of course had to walk with her aunt "ch" and we all followed closely behind. 

we stopped to see the llamas. brooklyn liked them from afar, but when they got too close she had a death grip on chelsea's neck. so funny. 

we ended the walk at the elementary school nearby and brooklyn had a blast running from slide to slide, picking up the wood chips and throwing them in the air, and of course, climbing on anything and everything she could all by herself. she thinks she's ten you guys. stop growing brooklyn jayde!

it was a great way to end our day and rejuvenated us for thursday. the weather's been so nice that brooklyn and i have seriously just taken off outside for most of the day and hardly any cleaning has been going down. i've got to catch up! this warmer weather is seriously going to cramp my good housecleaning style. for real. stay focused melinda. but seriously, it's all good. i figure the less amount of time we spend inside, the less messes we make right?! 

bring on the s u n s h i n e 

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