Tuesday, March 19, 2013

swings and slides.

yesterday was one of those productive mondays that usually leaves me feeling like doing nothing on a tuesday. darn those productive mondays. you know how it goes. wake up to the start of a new week fired up to get everything accomplished you wrote down on that to do list. i had two coats of paint on some walls before brooklyn even opened her eyes for the day. not to mention, i had the wash sorted and going. i should know better than this...

when it came time to hop in the car to go grocery shopping, i was almost out of gas. but i forced myself. brooklyn isn't a huge fan of grocery shopping and she behaved so well that i couldn't help but swing by the park on the way home. she was excited before she even got out of her darned car seat. she saw the park coming from a mile away. this made my heart do a little happy dance.

so we played at the park. she loved the swing and going down the slide a hundred times, only stopping to wave if another child came across her path. she's friendly that brooklyn jayde. 

i had to bribe her with a cookie to leave. great mothering skills i know. but remember i was about out of juice an hour before we got to the park. she munched on her cookie happily until we got home and then she started to get a little ornery. lucky for her daddy was on his way home and aunt chelsea was right behind him. james grilled turkey burgers for us and then chelsea and i burned some calories right along side jillian michaels. that tough ol bird. but thank goodness for chelsea forcing me to work out. it added a little more gas to my fuel tank to get me through the rest of the evening. i had more painting to do and a very stubborn toddler to put to bed. 

as crazy as these mondays are, i honestly and truly cherish them. i'm grateful for my health that allows me to accomplish multiple things a day. i'm grateful for a healthy toddler to keep my day interesting and love on me when i least expect it. these days are full of chaos and hurriedness (is that a word?), but my gosh i'm thankful for them. 

so here's to a tuesday that might not get many things checked off its' to-do list. 

p.s. there's a cd out today that i can't wait to get my hands on!!! (where's my pre ordered copy?)
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