Wednesday, March 20, 2013

can't think of a good title.

brooklyn and i made james' day and met him at cafe rio for lunch where we shared a pork burrito and split the quesadilla we got for brooklyn. we like to eat people. i ran into a friend from high school, hi kort, and then brookie and i  were off like a flash to get her down for a nap. luckily, she fell asleep in the car which is the BEST thing in the world because then she's already asleep and i can just carry her up to her nap time throne. no waiting for the nap to happen.

when she woke up, poor girl, she had a slight fever and her eyes were glassed over. break my heart. so we cuddled up together and watched her choice of a movie, bambi. she ate a few bites of food and then just wanted to cuddle. by the time james got home she was feeling a little better. 

being the fun dad that he is, he brought home some extra dry ice, and put it in her sippy cup. her mind was blown. it eventually led to her pouring water all over the floor. so i gave her these to make it a little more interesting.

while i cleaned up dinner, james played with her for a bit and then she ventured out to entertain herself. i had to get some pictures. she's been obsessed with my shoes lately. i'm loving it of course.

and because i made one of my favorite recipes (i blog about it all the time, ya know, the one from our best bites?) and it's such a pretty colorful meal, i had to take a picture of that. gosh i love food. especially that food. last night we changed it up by substituting the usual brown rice for quinoa, and as always, we eat this with tilapia, not chicken.

we didn't get around to fhe monday night, so james and i filled out our march madness ncaa brackets last night. we both were at a little bit of a loss. especially me. i haven't watched one game this season. not sure how that's happened, but it's the truth. so it'll be interesting to see how either of us do. come on indiana!

the rest of the evening, james and i switched on and off with brooklyn. since she wasn't feeling well, she needed a change of scenery often, drinks, different cuddling positions, and all that other good stuff that comes with not feeling too hot. i ended up with her and she fell asleep in my arms at about 9:30 PM. good thing, cause her mommy and daddy were pooped. not sure why. is it friday yet?

p.s. during brooklyn's nap, i worked on a few things for easter. yes, my cute little grass needs a hair cut, and yes, i need to practice writing with chalk. alotta practice.

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