Thursday, March 21, 2013

spring rain.

remember how i said i wasn't going to have a productive tuesday? ya well that happened. and then a repeat happened yesterday. i soley blame the weather for yesterday. as happy as i was to see the rain (we fertilized our grass on saturday and were on our knees beggin' for some rain), it definitely put me in a funk/haze all day. ok not all day. i did make my bed, straighten up my bathroom, vacuum two rooms and the stairs, made dinner, and picked up after brooklyn for most of the day. it sounds way more productive than it looks. for reals.

every morning/day/afternoon when i get ready, brooklyn takes her spot atop the toilet and plays with anything she can get her hands on. this girl is busy. i'm usually dripping with sweat by the time i'm done doing my make-up and hair because i've exhausted all my energy taking things away, helping her off and on the toilet, handing her harmless objects to chew on, and using my cat like speed and reflexes to catch her if she starts to go down. it is a work out. 

yesterday, she went number one on the toilet. she was pumped, and then promptly asked for some toilet paper so she could finish her business. what a crack up.

i really didn't think we'd end up leaving the house to deal with the drizzly weather, but after a lunch of cheesy bread, almonds, and oreos, i was itching to get out. as luck would have it, the library notified me that my book on hold was ready to pick up (i'm still number 45 for my other one, but use to be 160). perfect excuse to get out of the house for a minute, breathe in the fresh rainy air, and also wind brooklyn down for a nap...which she took in the car, in the garage, for the next hour. it was perfect. she woke up happy as a clam and let me take some pics of her.

(this one turned out funky, but it shows her new thing: she says 'hand' and then she wants to lead you somewhere) 

after the photo shoot, we watched aladdin for a minute and then brooklyn destroyed the house some more while i tried to clean it up. james came home and took her outside to play while i made dinner: gorgonzola shrimp. love it. try it. 

after dinner, we ventured out to run some errands and ended up spending most of our time in the easter aisles. brooklyn was in heaven. we found some good festive stuff, along with a few cute easter basket stuffers and we headed back home. 

the sky was so cool when we got home and the rain was just dripping a tiny bit. it felt so good to be outside in clean fresh air, not to mention, it was warmer than it had been all day. it really started to pour right before we went in and brooklyn loved it. she wanted to touch it and let the rain drops land on her face. the world through a child's eyes. {sigh} 

james scooped us up some heaping bowls of ice cream, topped with caramel and pecans and declared that we were watching a movie down in the man cave. it didn't last long but we sure enjoy the cozy family time we get down in that tiny little room. brooklyn loves snuggling up next to us and mostly not watching the movie. she would rather climb all over the futon and throw james' xbox games all over the place. that sweetheart. 

spring, we're glad you're here. thanks for the rain. please don't bring snow. more rain i can handle. snow, i can't. we're excited for your green grass, bright flowers, and warmer temps. we'd love for you to stay until the end of may, but then, it's summer's turn. you understand.

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