Friday, March 22, 2013

spring + snow

first things first... did anyone else experience that crazy awesome thunder/lightening/hail storm on wednesday night?! holy moly. it shot james and i right out of our bed. the hail was pounding our bedroom window and with the thunder booming right behind it we were sure brooklyn was about to awake from her slumber. we laid there silently enjoying the boisterous booms and crackle of the brookie sounds. she didn't wake up until about two minutes after the storm ended. that stinker. 


thursday was productive. i'm chalking it up as quite productive. getting my hands on a good book that i want to read desperately really gets my bum in gear. i have this thing about guilt in the back of my mind every time i sit down to read. so to turn off that guilt, i give myself a to do list and when it's done, i get to read. it works out so well for me. i'm like a five year old with a chore chart. a chore loving five year old that is.

the day started with big heaping bowls of hot oatmeal. per brooklyn's request. 

i ate quickly and got to working on a few things on my to do list. brooklyn takes forever to eat her breakfast so i really can accomplish a lot in that window of time. 

after breakfast, tub, and teeth brushed, we were out the door to run some errands and meet james (yet again) for lunch. 

 (this girl's facial expressions...i just love 'em.)

i had planned on getting some fresh flowers for my house on wednesday but it just didn't happen. so, they were part of our errands yesterday and they are just brightening the place right up. 

brooklyn kept begging to go outside and jump on the tramp but it was just so darn cold that it just couldn't happen. so i kept her entertained with some easter stickers, the peter cottontail song on repeat, and a few dance parties in the living room. 

dinner off the menu just didn't happen, so we ate panda express. who could complain about that? not me. it was nice not to have a kitchen to clean up for one night. brooklyn was happy to eat chow mein until her heart was content.

 (there's that face again)

i ended the night making some hair ties that desperately needed to be made. fifteen minutes later, boom, done. so easy, cheap, and cute to boot. 

our first day of march madness has james ahead of me by 2 points. dang it. i'm not good at picking the upsets. 

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