Friday, March 1, 2013

photo caption friday.

ran errands during our supposed power outage...brooklyn chose this cat and the hat out of a very cute line up of other dr seuss characters. couldn't get her to change her mind. 

i chose the dr seuss abc book. love it. 

made pizza for dinner. corn + pineapple included. between the cooking of the pizzas, i finished painting my blue wall. 

pizza and candlelight...with day light. we eat at 5:30. that's right. 

my nightly ritual. i love all of these books. all of them. not pictured are my scriptures. i need to get better acquainted with those.

there you have it. a blog post of entirely cell pics. the rest of our evening consisted of a quick 20 minute clean-up where we blasted music, set a timer for 20 minutes, and cleaned until we were sweating to death and that darn timer went off. then, the three of us hunkered down in the man cave (again, second night in a row) to watch yet again, another dr seuss book turned movie. this time, horton hears a who. darling show. then it was time to hit the hay. except for james, he stayed up to watch the byu b ball game. i was exhausted folks. a whole half a day of running errands/wandering around with brooklyn is exhausting. also, she pooped in the shower this morning. we're not talking little either. one of her best moments. funny and gross all in the same moment. we're ready for our weekend though, and more than that, we're excited for march to be here. finally. 

h a p p y  f i r s t  d a y  o f  m a r c h  t o  y o u 

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